Avivarchive Interview

Exclusive Interview for "Avivarchive" - 18.2.06

How does the album sound, and is it different from the previous one?
It covers a whole range of musical styles, there's a bit of everything in it.
I don't define myself as an artist of one particular style, the album is classic, goth, pop, dark, sixties etc.
It's impossible to compare 'The Letter' with 'Aviv Geffen III' so I can't really compare this album with the previous.
Whoever is musical will find me there by the simple fact that it is me who wrote the songs...

Do you think of yourself as lucky?
I think of myself as lucky in the superficial meaning of the word.
For the majority of the concerts there are no tickets remaining, and my last album went gold.
I have a wonderful and special audience and I feel that I'm true to myself and with my creations.
But that's the narrow vision. I don't feel like a lucky person because really I am a sad man.
I haven't the emotional ability to be happy. Just happy. You wont find me walking along whistling or sitting on the sofa
and smiling. I feel terrible, and every little thing disturbs me in this brief life, and I feel that in the whole I am not “benefiting”
from it. In short, I feel fortunate in deep depression.

How was it working with Ofer Meiri?
Ofer Meiri is a talented music producer, he's original and open-minded. He really contributed to the overall sound
of this album but he remains faithful to the songs, and that is most important thing. He has several 'references' in the album,
like the bells in the song 'Tomorrow'. We're talking about a brilliant man without a doubt. And I'm proud with the end result.

Will the concert recorded in The Hangar come out on disc?
Yes, we made a lot of fuss because we recorded them. This is the performance that I invested the most in,
and it celebrates all the 'Moonlight Children' from all the years.

Do you feel that you are 'Commercialised'?
I was always a commercial artist. When the first album 'It's Only The Moonlight' came out it was a commercial release,
because at the end of the day people bought it in the shopping malls. It's impossible to buy the albums and to go to
concerts and then accuse me of that. My songs reach the masses and it's the problem of the 'masses' and not mine.
I alone write the songs, and I don't think about what will 'work' and what wont...
Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, they are the most commercial bands in history.
It's impossible to accuse them of this because we put them there. You need to address the songs and to judge the songs
alone. As long as it doesn't hurt creativity on purpose, then I'm all for music promotion in all ways.

Have you already started work on the second Blackfield album, and when is it expected to be released?
From the coming week, Steven and I start to record the next Blackfield album. Part will be recorded in Israel,
and the remainder such as the orchestration and mixing will be carried out in London. It also seems that Jordan Rudess
from Dream Theater will take part in some recording in New York.

Why has the price of your concerts gone up so much?
My production costs are expensive, and there are large teams that work all around the clock.
I'm aware of the problem, and I do as much as I can to reduce the cost.

Why are you adding a bonus disc to the new album?
The bonus disc is a 'present' for my fans. We're talking about sketches and performances that have never seen the light
of day. I loved the idea of attaching a bonus disc alongside the new album.

How did you end up working with Ninette, and why did you decide to get involved with her album?
It took us a lot of time to get to know one another before the work on the album.
I have no patience with 'Pop Idol' but after I got to know her, and her guest appearance in Nitzanim I realised
that I would make an album for a person, and not for a television show. She has a wonderful voice.
I fear that a lot of people don't know her and they will be very surprised that the album doesn't resemble
their perceived image of her. Don't forget that for me there were also preconceived ideas.

Which song do you love the most from your new album?
It changes all the time... but 'Thousands Of People' and 'There's No Time Under The Sun' are the songs
that touch me most at the moment...

How does the 'Aviv of 1990 compare to the 'Aviv of today? And what brought about the change?
My creativity is a 'journey' that accompanies people. The 'journey' began with the first album and has walked
the path since then. There are young people that joined the journey in the middle of the road, and they heard stories
of the journey before and really wanted to return to the start of things. There is beauty in the song 'Moonlight' and there is
beauty in 'Journey' and there is beauty in 'Ray Of Light' and so on... For the whole length of the journey I remain true to
myself and my search for some truth or some protest. All the way doubting that the latest to join will not be true.
I can't shout at the end of every concert “Be Free!” if I'm not free myself...

Is 'The Archive Of Aviv Geffen' your official site?
Yes, 'The Archive' is the only site that I collaborate with.
It's a site that was built with love and Ronen Kolar
takes a great deal of effort working on it

translated from Hebrew by Ahava - "It's only the moonlight"